Guilty Crown 12

Holy shit, the show presented us with a good episode for a change! No, actually this episode is a worse travesty than children with AIDS but could you imagine if this show somehow managed to turn the boat around and make the second half epic. It seems as if this episode was the moment of truth that defines the final direction the show is taking. Can’t say I’m all that surprised about this turn of events. This show has been on cruise control towards fail from the first few episodes and I.G has decided to push the gas pedal instead of the break.

The face of every person affiliated with this shitty project.

As if the writing of the show wasn’t bad enough, this week we get to witness some incogitable things. Apparently Shu isn’t a normal boring high school faggot but instead an instrumental piece of the world order whose action matter.  I could point out the fact that this thing was written in to the script to gratify the broken ego of a lonely otaku but since I lack any skill referencing psychological/social  articles we will have to take my reasoning with a grain of salt. The whole “lol I forgot my past” came out of the bush anyways. At least I don’t remember Shu mentioning that he had a huge gap in his memory. Remember, Shu didn’t forget an alcohol filled weekend but an actual family member and his surprise surprise BEST FRIEND Gai.

The exact moment where he chose the Beta patch.

While we are on the subject of the newly found sister Mana and the newly deceased Gai let me say this. The only good part of the episode was when Mana tried to save the show by converting it to Yosuga no Crown. Too bad it was too little too late, but I appreciate the effort. I would actually have forgiven every mistake this show has made thus far if Mana would have asked Shu: “Am I a good girl?” after the kiss. I think I just managed to destroy the last shreds of credibility as a honest source of anime information.

Am I a good girl?

Is anybody willing to bet against the fact that even after a major catastrophe like the one that befell the city in the series the whole gang will probably be in school studying in the next episode. This is a hypothetical situation that will never happen but if modern Japan made a Hiroshima 1945 high school anime I bet the horribly burnt and disfigured students would be studying in the charred remains of the local high school one day after the bomb drop. Anyways I can’t imagine anything good will come out of next week’s episode.

What the fuck was this marriage bullshit?

If you have noticed that there are a lot more spelling mistakes and broker sentences in my text here is the reason why. My proofreader has been cruelly taken from my side by the Finnish Military so it’s up to my own lazy ass to check for any mistakes.

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Nisemonogatari 02

After watching this episode the only thing I could remember was a suspicious game of twister and the fact that I was hugely entertained during the +24min run of the episode. Upon closer reminiscence I have to say that this episode was a real blast. Shaft is throwing money at the screen just because they can. I hope this continues in the future.

Who the hell plays twister with socks on? There's better grip barefooted.

Koyomi missed so many Nadeko flags that it’s not even funny. Well this ain’t so bad since Kana hanazawa can make the fumbling Nadeko sound so moe lovely that it hurts. The other seiyuus were also hitting the mark. Eri Kitamura was her pro self and Miyuki Sawashiro as the delightfully raunchy Kanbaru did a smashing job.

Why is modern Japan referencing Bruce Lee when they have their own (better) action heroes like Sonny Chiba as Takuma Tsurugi?

Enough about the voice work, let us move to the expensive world of animation. I could probably have watched this episode on mute and I still would have been more entertained than watching some other shows with the sounds on. There were quite a lot of shenanigans going on in the backgrounds and with the animation in general.

This episode had more red books than China in the 60s.

Damn this show is good. I think Shaft and Shinbou are giving the fans just what they desire. Now it’s time to see what is happening in the opposite end of the spectrum. It would be nice if I somehow can muster enough courage to watch the next episode (12th) Guilty Crown. What I’ve heard/seen suggests that the episode provides a lot more ammo for hateful slander against the show.

If I were any smarter I could tell you what this frame means. No such luck though.

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Amagami SS+ 02

 First things first, how the hell did Tachibana-kun manage to reverse that NTR situation to his advantage in such a short period of time? It’s maybe the magic aura that surrounds that shed or more probably the fact that Junichi is hardly a player who can juggle several girls at once. Whatever the case might be props to him for the “love” comment that caught the girl off guard.

Unexpected development

The episode was quite predictable after the shed incident. The election theme fit quite nicely to the current situation in Finland where “the people” as Timo Soini calls em choose a person for the monumentally unimportant role of President of Finland. The guys and gals running for office in SS+ could have learned from our real life politicians and demanded for example that no immigrant students are allowed to their high school. Better still they could tell that they will bring back the Markka and reverse any past unpopular political decisions. Well we did not actually hear Tsukasa’s speech so it may very well be that that is exactly what she said.

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!

 The final “reward” scene that happens in the end of every arc was a bit meh in my opinion. There have already been enough swimsuits in this series. I don’t even get why the Japs are so fascinated by the one piece swimsuit. I thought only fat and ugly people are supposed to wear those. I’m just kidding, there are plenty of nice looking one piece swimsuits made for example by Emilio Pucci.

That much steam will surely cause some water damage.

 Next week will get to witness if Rihoko is able to dodge the hurdle that’s called friendzone. There will be a lot of tea drinking and eating sweets if the past is anything to go on. BTW I was right in my prediction that the arcs are two episodes long.

We need more Lovely.

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Damn, my life has been almost totally consumed by the awesome Katawa Shoujo. I’m a sucker for cripple Moe but luckily it turns out that this game is much more than cheap exploitation which make playing the game less of a self degrading ordeal. I’m going to write about the game when I’ve played through all the routes. Don’t worry though, you won’t get rid of me that easily. There are still some shows that I want to write about this season.

So much love.

Amagami SS+: Amagami SS was a real blast so there’s no way I’ll miss SS+. Besides, we still have to live under the suspense of waiting t see which body parts Tachibana-kun is going to violate with his ravenous appetite for women.

I missed them.

Persona 4: I have no idea how many episodes are left but I’m determined to find out if Nakukami’s broness and the magical power of popped collars can combine to save the day. I also want know if Yu can resist the temptation that comes in the form of five lovely girls. But Nama, there’re only four social link girls… You mean to tell me you wouldn’t want to lock Nanako in a basement and… Borta bra men hemma bäst, sa Josef Fritzl och bevisade det (Tack Aron).


Guilty Crown: Most of you are probably tired of hearing me bewail about this travesty of a show. This series is a crime against humanity and it deserves all the hate it gets.

Nisemonogatari: Looks and sounds fun. I’m trying to learn to write entertaining text about well made shows. This may prove to be a  tall order for a man who like pedophilia jokes but let us see what happens.

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Nisemonogatari 01

If the sequel to Amagami SS was a little lackluster the case with Nisemonogatari was reversed. The show looks and feels as good as ever. I speed watched Bakemonogatari in two days so I would be able to blog about this show and now I can only wonder why I didn’t watch the show sooner. I’m the first dude to admit I like unnecessary bells and whistles in my anime. We all know nothing spells derpy visuals and unconventional directing like Shaft+Shinbou.

Did somebody call Shaft?

The first episode of Nisemonogatari was mainly fun and games and it reintroduced some of the cast. I’ve read that this show has more to do with Araragi’s sisters but me being the lazy bum that I am I could be totally off on this subject. Too bad I don’t like Tsukihis seiyuu Yuka Iguchi that much and we will probably have to listen to her a lot during the shows run. Eri Kitamura (Karen) on the other hand is a seasoned pro who delivers 99% of the time. Too bad for the two above mentioned seiyuus that they are up against Kana Hanazawa who has been given a Moe role of epic proportions. I seriously had to put the phone call scene on a loop for a couple of minutes. I am aware of the fact that that action surely decreased my lifespan by a couple of years judging from the strain my heart was put under.

Well at least she's no Yui Ogura...

Quick, get the nitro!

I also applaud this anime for having the Courage (HarkHarkHark) to go for the more risque jokes with severely under aged pantyshots and questionable groping. The whole episode was quite funny unlike this post so far. I’m once again proving how terrible I’m at writing positive stuff. Well I have got twelve no doubt excellent episodes to practice this rarely used talent.

The courage to be a lolicon.

If you want to read real content concerning this anime try the excellent Tounis (Finnish) who has some actual knowledge about anime. I also hope you disregard the fact that I wrote the name of the show wrong TWICE in the comments. This was done purely to hide my actual powerlevels.

Art is worth for its own sake.

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Amagami SS+ 01

I watched the original Amagami SS when it was airing in Japan and I have to say I didn’t remember that Tachibana Mark 5 was such a mouse. All the drama in this episode could have been avoided if he would have had the balls to say “Bitch please, I already got a hot tsundere”. Alas, we’re still talking about an anime that takes place in a Japanese high school and is based on a galge so it’s not like SS+ is under achieving its potential.

Only rats thrive.. This guy is a mouse.

I’m not quite sure how the creators are going to spend their twelve episodes. I’m guessing two episodes per girls with the format being first episode drama/problem and the second being resolution/romance. Though I wouldn’t mind if they skipped fatso-chan and Shy-chan to make room for some extra Sexhair (Kaoru) and Haruka. Speaking of fatso (Rihoko), I really like the subliminal way the original SS implied that fat girls don’t get shit. Fat chicks ain’t.

Dem legs

You know what else ain’t? The OP and ED of SS+. I’ve heard Vocaloid tracks with less autotune. We will have to wait and see if the series contains any songs that can beat the lovely Kitto Ashita wa… sung by Rina Satō.


Remember kids, even though the relationship in this anime seems to be working out as TOOL so elequently put it in their great song pushit: There’s no love in fear. I’m counting on Tachibana growing a pair since he got the happily ever after ending in normal SS.

Still waiting for the best girl...

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Persona 4 the anime 13

Time for a Nanako centric filler episode. I bet they could make a whole spinoff show with Nanako taking the lead. She even made a fox blush with her cuteness. That’s a real miracle. It seems like next week will also be filler which suggests that they still have some episodes left to pursue the actual story.


The new OP wasn’t as good as the old one. With the old one it was much more fun to sing along in the chorus, especially since the lyrics are cheesier than the moon with lines like “I’m believing in you and I can do anything, We can change the WOOOOOOOORLD!”. The new one is a bit bland in comparison.

Who the fuck said mystery shows don't work in Japan?

The show is being such a tease in regards to the usage of Paku Romi. We all know flat is justice and Justice is the best techno band ever so this leads us to the conclusion that Naoto Shirogane is the best girl. If your new years promise involved getting in shape I recommend hitting the weights while listening to Justice. You’ll be ripped in no time.

This show runs its jokes to the ground almost as badly as I do.

All in all this show still entertains so keep your collars popped and enjoy the awesomeness.

His Broness Yu Narukami.

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