The word “nama” is Japanese and means Raw. This blog is my raw opinions on a certain piece of quality Japanese entertainment (anime/manga). My style of writing is meant to entertain and one can decide how seriously they take the text. The underlining truth is still meant to be thought provoking. Hopefully somebody somewhere will get something out of this blog, If you haven’t figured it out by now my style of writing is extremely pretentious since I’m writing mostly to amuse myself.

You may have also noticed that this blog looks like it was made by somebody with half the IQ of an autistic baboon. This fact may change in the future if I gain some knowledge and mental fortitude to do something about the issue.

Lastly something about me. I’m a young dude from western Finland who got interested in Anime/manga quite late in my life. After the army I had half a year of free time and during that time I saw Ninja Scroll and Berserk which peeked my interest in the art form. After that I decided to check out the current anime scene which to my surprise was full of haremshit and moeblop shows. Rather than trying to shield myself from the future by pretending the past was better than the current prominent anime styles I embraced the change and dove in headfirst into the new times. As the great Karl Lagerfeld said: “Every period has the taste it deserves”.

I write in English because I can use big words and wear them like a paper hat of fake intellect.

All the pictures on this blog belong to their respective owners and will be deleted on request.


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