Amagami SS+ 06

One of the better episodes of the series. There was not too much silly shit that would take time away from the sappy love stories we’ve grown to love.

Oh, the humanity!

I didn’t particularly like the excessive use of flashbacks. I doubt there are many viewers who haven’t seen the original SS. What I did like was the fact Junichi is finally getting his Mojo back and acting like a cool guy. He even bought an actually good Christmas present.

Nice choice dude.

The ending of this arc was sweet but it was eclipsed by the wonderful preview of Kaoru’s arc. Sexhair is back and I couldn’t be happier. Too bad we probably won’t get to see a retelling of the “bad friends” story. That was the one of the better arcs in SS.


Halfway through the series and the experience has been quite pleasant so far. 2/3 of the remaining girls are God tier so it will only get better. I have been noticing a certain lack of black humor and despair in my posts. I’ll try to remedy that fact by reading the only book ever written by Rudolf Höss. I think his book Kommandant in Auschwitz: Autobiographische Aufzeichnunge fits really well with the SS theme. It also gives me the possibility to compare if watching Guilty Crown feels worse than reading that book.

Thx bro, you saved Christmas.


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