Nisemonogatari 05

Damn, being a business student, that speech made by Kaiki Deishu made him a real hero in my eyes. I’m rooting for the bad guy in this series. In all honesty I know about Epicurus and I believe in his hypothesis about money and material giving only so much happiness.

Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's to see my dividends coming in. - John D. Rockefeller.

What else? Well I never got the idea of wiping the sweat off sick people, especially from siblings. Haruka and Sora know what I’m talking about. Judging from the end of this episode the Araragi family will soon know the downsides of anime healthcare.

This doesn't cure people.

Damn this Bee arc is long. One thing that has bothered me in this “bee” arc is that the “bees” in this anime are clearly wasps. Though, this might be a translation error.

It's a wasp!

Yet another good episode in the books. I have also read that Guilty Crown has somehow turned into a good show, maybe I should catch up.

*The noise when you choose Suuri in RAY's Jokeripokeri and the card is Pieni.


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