Amagami SS+ 05

I know the Japs have it hard in school but snatching poorly performing students from their home during the night like they were counterrevolutionaries in soviet Russia is a bit extreme. Do you know what else was extreme? The reaction these two lovebirds had on the fact that they can’t spend the Christmas together. When you really like somebody you don’t need some “special” day to make being with that person feel awesome. Well this is anime and the arc needed the drama.

Демократия победит!

Junichi was again caught peeking at the girls swimming team. I think the “ecchi” word has been thrown around too much. Most people don’t even know the real meaning of that word. Luckily we have dudes like Sion Sono who can explain this with a wonderful two minute scene from Love Exposure. If you think part of the reason why I linked that is to show of my (pretentious) knowledge of Asian cinema, you are absolutely correct.

The quintessential ecchi moment.

Well let’s not only talk about the bad things. We finally got to see a “body-part” scene although this time there was no kissing involved. I think probably because Kaoru holds the monopoly on belly kisses. Anyways more of this please.

I wish they had used more than 100¥ to draw this scene...

I haven’t seen the original SS in a while but I remember it being somewhat better than SS+. Maybe the two episodes per girl pace is a bit fast. Luckily they’ve saved the best girls for last so at least we have something to look forward too.

Sad xmas


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