Nisemonogatari 04

Well this episode just made this show a harder sell outside of Japan. The very long bath scene with some seriously dubious imagery will scare away the mainstream westerner. Well the crazy bastards in the US tried to sell Kodomo no Jikan in the States. Boy would I have wanted to be in that marketing team who was in charge of selling that project. Fortunately, as long as one keeps watching stuff like this episode in his/her safe basement lair there’s no real threat from cars with flashing blue lights.

And someone past surprise at habits or inclinations or turns of events, and who don't confuse himself or sitting in judgment with our lord in fucking heaven.

What else happened in this episode? Oh right, the nekolady (Tsubasa Hanekawa) cut her hair. She also had very long pieces of dialogue but I couldn’t make head or tail what the whole thing was about. If you want an educated opinion about the dialogue go check what Vahvin had to say about Nisemonogatari if you understand the stupidest language on earth, Finnish.

I normally like girls with short hair but cutting it was a mistake in her case.

I wonder how long the Bee arc is going to be? If my deductions are correct there will be five to six episodes per arc depending if this is a eleven or twelve episoder. I have seen both figures around the internet but knowing Shaft there will probably be some “Vitun köyhät” style blu-ray trickery involving post TV run episodes.

This looks like Denpa Onna.

No idea what will happen next week. Hopefully something that involves some fast paced animation. What do I care, I just made this last sorry excuse of a paragraph to make the post look nicer with text around the pictures.

You're lucky that i don't eat fast food. Otherwise I would talk about this shot.


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One Response to Nisemonogatari 04

  1. metroandroid says:

    Her hair being cut was decided long before Nisemonogatari came out via the light novels XD and I’m pretty sure she did it as a kind of resolve to put the past behind her. I honestly like her better with long hair too, but it’s her hair so I’m not really qualified to judge. >.>

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